Getting over that last hurdle

Well, needless to say, with the lack of movement on here recently, it’s easy to surmise that something went awry.

There’s a long version, but it would probably bore the bum off you: Suffice it to say that The God of All Small Boys won’t be released on Cranachan books. I did think things had gone a little quiet, but I eventually got an email telling me that ‘a Cranachan author’ had a book which was similar in theme (I.E. About War) to mine, and thus TGoASB would not be taken on.

Ooohhh yes, I was upset.
Not particularly, angry, to be honest. But very confused and desperately dis-heartened.

I did, however, get a follow up email recognising my mindset, and suggesting I work on the draft of the book I had previously discussed with Cranachan (The MG re-write of Skald – now known as “Odin’s Children”) and send it in to them once it was done. It also suggested the time off might give me a chance to put TGoASB aside, and then revisit it with “new eyes”. (A piece of advice I had seen often, but had no real distraction to enable me to do so.)

The “Help! The Professor is…” trilogy first drafts were done, and so I set to “Odin’s Children” thinking it would be a breeze to re-write.


It’s ended up as an almost entirely different book! And one which I think works on an upper MG level. It took a good few months to get the first draft down, and I’ve worked on it a little more since. It’s not quite ready for pitching, but it’s in a good place.

S0, about 3 weeks (maybe more) ago, I picked up TGoASB again.
And it was almost like reading it for the first time.
I’ve deleted large chunks, re-written others, edited away a lot of passive voice and have been trying my damnedest to remove most of the ‘telling’.

I think it’s looking pretty good – better than the book Cranachan initially wanted to publish.

So, with all that done, I’ve just submitted it to “Pitch Wars” , a twitter phenomenon which has been running for a wee while now! I’ve chosen 4 mentors to pitch TGoASB to, and now I wait to see what happens!

Truth be told, I thought it would be a LONG time before I took up TGoASB again. But I think I have a bit of confidence back. And if the Pitch Wars pitches come to nothing, then I have “Odin’s Children” to polish up, or indeed the “Help! The Professor is…” books to start editing…

As I may have said before… “Onwards and upwards!”  🙂

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