A Newer Night Before Christmas

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So – The Night Before Christmas… for the 21st Century! (And Beyond!)

A Newer Night Before Christmas

T’was the Night Before Christmas – The moon was aglow –
But it seemed that this year, it would come with no snow.
Our Sam and Samantha had climbed up the stairs
with their hot water bottles, and blankets and bears.

Their stockings were hung at the end of their beds,
and they snuggled down tight as they rested their heads
“But we’re far too excited! Can’t we stay awake?”
“Oh no, Sam!” I said. “That would be a mistake!

And if you don’t feel tired, then try counting sheep,
because Santa can’t come, ‘til you’re both fast asleep.”
So Mother and I went to watch some TV,
but I suddenly woke, lying on our settee.

The screen had gone dark, and dear Mama was snoozing.
My head felt all fuzzy – t’was very confusing.
When out of the kitchen there came a loud clatter,
I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter.

“Hello there! I really must apologise!”
Said a deep, booming voice, sounding jolly and Wise.
“I’ve laid out the presents for your little girl,
But it seems that you have a young boy child, as well?”

“Oh yes, we have Sam.” I said, after a pause,
as I spoke to none other than Dear Santa Claus!
“Well I must say, I’m shocked at this silly mistake.
I must clear this up now, for your little boy’s sake!”

Then he flipped out a tablet and turned on the screen
and I could not believe what my eyes had just seen.
The Jolly Old Elf saw my look of surprise
and a hint of a twinkle appeared in his eyes.

“Every one of the notes children send off to me,
are stored by my elves on the North Pole PC!
—and I don’t think in all of my years I have missed
even ONE single child! I must re-check my list!”

So scratching his head, through his mane of white hair,
Santa looked for our Sam—But our Sam was not there!
He was not on the Naughty, and not on the Nice.
Santa wrinkled his nose, and he checked the list TWICE!

And screen after screen he swiped through, as he read.
“This is hard to believe!” Santa finally said.
“I’m a little embarrassed! I honestly am!
It seems that his email has been marked as spam!”

The red-suited man’s fingers flew in a dance
as they swiped and selected and pointed and jabbed.
And onto the screen (after changing some settings)
Came all of the presents Sam hoped he’d be getting.

Then Santa dug deep into his bulging sack
as one after another the gifts were unpacked.
“Oh Santa!” I said. “I had not the first clue
that this was the way that you do what you do,
by checking your lists on a small glowing screen,
for I had no idea Christmas came by machine!”

He looked at me then, as if I were a child,
and shook his head gently, and winked as he smiled.
“Christmas day doesn’t come in the way you perceive!
Christmas day only comes when you truly believe:

—that each man, in time, will be every man’s brother
—that people can learn to forgive one another
—and maybe someday you will see that it’s true,
there’s a magic which lives deep inside all of you!”

Then he picked up his sack, and he gave me a bow,
and before I could blink (though I can’t recall how)
he was sitting outside on a wondrous sleigh,
and he called to his reindeer, who whisked him away.

They danced through the air and flew into the sky.
Santa waved as they went and he called out. “Goodbye!
I will leave you tonight, with a gift for you all!”
And just as they vanished, snow started to fall.

As the sparkling flakes settled over the grass
I stood and I watched them, until, at long last
Mama gave a loud yawn, and she came to my side
and we smiled as the snow settled deeply, outside.
And we hugged while we watched the sun rise, with a grin,
as we waited for Christmas to truly begin.

J. Lamb Dec. 2016

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4 Responses to A Newer Night Before Christmas

  1. Cath says:

    It’s beautiful, what a lovely cosy and bang up to date story.It has all the melody and flow of the original and is a nice nod to tradition!Well done Joe

  2. admin says:

    Thank You, Cath! 🙂

  3. Mary white says:

    Well done you. !!! You are truly gifted i n the use of words. Ythat was lovely.

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