When a year passes like nothing!

What a strange year it’s been!

Thanks to the wonderful Anne Glennie at Cranachan Publishing, today is the 1st Birthday of my children’s novel “The God of All Small Boys”. The intervening time since its publication has seen it; reaching the top 5 of certain genres on Amazon, sitting in at least two “Top Ten Reads” of esteemed book bloggers, and squeezing into a small place at the Edinburgh Book Festival. (!)

It’s had me visiting schools and events as a bona-fide author, something I could only have dreamed of many years ago. And probably the best part of it all is when the staff at Dundee Waterstones see me in the shop and continue to remind me that people keep coming in and asking “Has he written anything else yet?”

(Spoiler: Yes, I have. 🙂 )

The support I’ve had from various people and institutions outside of Cranachan has been astounding. St Fergus Primary, Morgan Academy, Dundee Leisure and Culture, (Libraries, Lochee Swimming Baths, the Discovery etc etc), Luncarty and Muckhart Primaries, and so many more, has been amazing.

It’s seen me become a part of a true family of authors and staff (Shout out to Kelly MacDonald) who constantly have each other’s backs under the umbrella of #ClanCranachan.

This time last year, a dream came true for me.
And, as things stand, that dream seems to be set to continue for a wee while yet.

To everyone who bought the book, thank you especially hugely!
To those who have not… maybe you could think about doing so? 🙂

And to everyone… an Amazon review would be a GREAT thing for you to do for me!

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