Amazing News!

What a difference a few months makes.

I will freely admit to leaving this webpage mostly untouched, as “Facebook” has kinda taken over the world. That said, I’ve not had too much to go on about recently. (so much so that I completely forgot to re-post my ‘Sister of the Wolf’ “buy me a tea, get a novel for free” offer at Hallowe’en!)

But, let’s just say that in May I was told to check out … “Dundee Libraries / Cargo Publishing’s ‘Great War Children’s Novel Prize’” …which I did.

By the end of June I had my first draft of my first real children’s book “The God of all Small Boys” completed.

Based on a short-story I wrote [coughcoughsplutter] years ago, it tells the story of two young boys from quite different Dundee families and the way their lives are thrown together.

I enlisted my daughter, Charlotte, to give me some illustrations for the book and, what with one thing and another, was able to get the book polished enough (and illustrated enough!) to make the ‘end of August’ deadline… by about 12 hours!

Since then, the book has been the subject of a song by one of its proof-readers, the amazing Dave Leigh – check out Dave’s version of the song here: “Dr Lindyke – The God of all Small Boys

(I also did my own mix of Dave’s song, with me doing the vocals, but this isn’t about mine!) 🙂

You may also be interested to know that the “picture” on Dave’s link above is NOT a photograph, but a drawing!

Now, no doubt you are asking yourself – “Why are you telling us this NOW, o tardy one?”
Yesterday (4th November) I received an email to tell me that my book has been shortlisted for the prize! One of only THREE books who were put on the list.
NOW the real waiting starts, as the winner won’t be announced until the end of March 2015!

Win or Lose, I see this short-listing as a huge vindication of my writing, and think it might be a nice little string to my agent-finding bow!

Fingers, legs and teeth crossed… onwards and (hopefully!) upwards!

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