Shortlist for Dundee war book prize announced

Hello all,
The pics and biogs are in, and the press release must now be doing the rounds:
So –
The God of all Small Boys (link to facebook page!) – has finally made it ‘out there’.

(I now await the cries that I nicked the title from The God of Small Things, but my original short story was written long before that was even thought of!) 🙂

Anyway… The Bookseller website has the first reports that I have found so far.

Dundee War Book Prize Announced

Short and sweet, I suppose!

Twitter has a nice little parcel of tweets flying around between myself and the other two shortlisted authors, as well as Cargo Publishing and Dundee Libraries – (nothing on either of their sites as yet but…) – and for the moment there is a nice little glow surrounding us all.

Here’s hoping that glow doesn’t wear away in the intervening months, March seems an awful long way away!

(Who am I kidding? This is probably the single most exciting thing to have happenend so far in my writing career. Plays and the like being performed are one thing, the M and Oldfield articles were astounding (The Oldfield article would have been moreso had they got my name right!), but this is just a step above…)

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