Ironic Time-Shifting

That’s been a whirlwind of a week…

I fully expected the last week before the Cargo Publishing / Dundee Libraries Great War Children’s Book prize to DRAG out interminably.
And, no matter that I wanted it to pass quickly, as it turned out – very sadly – events ensured that this actually was the case.

Ash’s mum, Ann, was admitted to hospital late last week, and after three days of struggling, died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then it’s been very difficult for Ash, as an only child, to try and pull things together regarding this.
People have been great. My family have rallied around so well, I am very proud of them. It’s odd though, although we’ve been living with death since we first crawled out of the oceans and took residence in the trees, we’re still never able to find just the right thing to say at times like this…

Work has been missed (on both sides) and unfortunately it’s taken a little of the joy out of my judging of the book-covers (created by Dundee schoolchildren) for The God of All Small Boys.

As things have panned out, I’m now finding that; today is Friday, then there’s the weekend to go (which will be hectic, what with one thing and another) then Monday will pass as it always does, Tuesday I’m off for another round of Blood Tests (joy!) and then it’s the big day itself.

Right now, my confidence is even Rock Bottom-er than it was last time I wrote; that might just be a hangover from the awful week we’ve been through in Chez Lamb, but… that’s how things are. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be a hugely willing resident of Cloud Nine if the best possible outcome (for me) should occur… it’s just that-right now-I’m finding it hard to even envisage that happening.

BUT, No matter what happens with the prize-giving, I’d really like to have all three of us shortlistees – (I know, it’s not a word – but it SHOULD be!) – to be passing round our manuscripts between each other… just to see what the competition was like, regardless of who ultimately takes the cake.

(I hope you are reading this Lindsay and John!)

So, there we go… it’s a terrible way for it to happen, but, out of the blue, I’m now finding myself thinking that there’s no time at all to go ’til the Big Day.

“Only time will tell…”

(and, ultimately, Facebook and Twitter!) 🙂

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3 Responses to Ironic Time-Shifting

  1. John Fulton says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss, Joe. It must be a very difficult time for you and your family – please pass on my condolences.

    I’m sure we can arrange a manuscript swap – we can sort out the details on Wednesday.

    All the best, John

  2. didn’t know you had a blog until just now. Well done! Am proud of you. Hope things get better, it’s hard to lose family. Also congrats. 🙂

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