Very interesting day yesterday.

Thanks to Literary Dundee, I had small sessions with Prof. Kirsty Gunn (Dundee Uni.) and Ed Wilson (literary Agent).
One of the most important questions I had was answered quite succinctly by Ed.

Me at Pitchin'

The God of all Small Boys, “… is a wonderful title. It has a good ring, it is a little fun, but hints at more. More importantly it is an ‘eye-catching’ title. And besides, if anyone is interested in the book, but have a problem with the title, they will simply suggest you think about changing it!

This saves me the time I was worrying about the possibility of the ‘theistic’ nature of the title, and the fact that it openly focuses on ‘boys’ (in the title at least!)

Kirsty gave me the advice of contacts. I.E. – don’t be afraid to use them, or at least ask the questions you might want to ask of them. Mainly because (as she said) all authors started the same way. Some may not want to for personal reasons, some may be too busy (which is understandable), BUT some might say, “Of course! I’d LOVE to!”

And you never know unless you ask!

Looks like I’ll have to start networking a little more than I already am! 🙂

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