No Guarantees… but…

Okay, so it’s not a guarantee.

I know it’s not a guarantee.

I’m sure anyone involved in this writing malarkey will agree, that it is not a guarantee…

But the thing is…

A new Scottish Publisher, Cranachan Publishing, has asked me to send them the full manuscript for The God of All Small Boys.

(I KNOW it’s not a guarantee!)

Their response to my submission began much the same as others I have received; saying that the company were “delighted, and surprised, to be inundated with submissions…” which, of course, steeled me for the inevitable, “however, after careful consideration…” etc etc etc.

But, reading further, the email then stated, “…the concept, as a novel in particular, for school study is super โ€“ and would lend itself to creating educational materials for reading (and project work) around it…

“Hmmm…” thought I. “This isn’t the usual ‘thanks, but no thanks’ response!”

Then, I read a line which I have heard from quite a few of those who have read the entire MS (Comp. Judges, other authors etc) “We also really enjoyed the very clear scenes in each chapter which are very filmic in nature โ€“ and this pulled us into the narrative.
And then ending with… “…and it explains well how the title is appropriate.

Now, if you know anything about my struggles with this book o’ mine, it’s that I keep second guessing what could perhaps hinder its publication. And, whereas I *love* the title, I was also aware that any suggestion of being in any way “Theist” (which it isn’t really) could put some people off.
(If you see my previous post about the “Pitchin” event, I was really pleased to hear one particular agent’s take on it!)

So, at this point I was thinking… “Umm… Is this…?”
And then the next line walloped me between the eyes.

Anyway, needless to say, we would like to read the full MS please.


I have to admit, even though the email continued for a little after that, I stopped reading at this point. I had to re-read what I had already read, and get to that sentence again, before I could fully accept it. Just in case I had missed something which meant that – “Anyway, needless to say, we would like to read the full MS please” – didn’t actually mean what it seemed to.

But no. They want to read the whole thing.
I KNOW it’s NOT a guarantee!

I have not yet had anyone read the whole of the book, who has come back and said “Meh…”
I know, that among a few published author’s and other respected people in the children’s author sphere, the book has been quite well received. I always felt that actually finding an agent/publisher, who would take the time to read the full thing, might *just* see what everyone else who has read it feels… it deserves publication no less than some books already out there.
Since the end of last year I’ve put my rejections down to my own shortcomings in blurb-ing and synopsis-ing! But it may just be that I’ve finally got it right!

Now, yes, I realise that people will usually not usually look to hurt other people’s feelings when it comes to critiquing something as personal as their own creation, but business is business – and I get that! So, to read the same kind of praises, which led to my shortlisting last year, from an actual publisher… was nice – to say the least.

The intimation that it could lend itself to school work/projects etc has got me in such a place that I can hardly bear it. Getting The God of All Small Boys into schools would be astounding!

So here’s the thing. Even though the sky is truly the limit, it is only a read request.

Even if it is not taken on, it’s at least a step in the right direction.
I would also hope to get a little feedback on why it wasn’t accepted if that ends up being the case (?)
But, let’s not focus on the negative. Because, if nothing else, it has given me a nod that publication really is something which is at least a possibility.

As always, I’ll have to wait and see…
As a certain publisher puts it… “The proof of the pudding is in the reading.

Excelsior! ๐Ÿ™‚


(E.T.A. the word ‘guarantee’ loses all context and recognition,ย after typing it out about 200 times!) ย ๐Ÿ™‚

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