What A Difference A Day Makes…

Excuse the cliché, but, What a difference a day makes!

I know, right? I just posted in here yesterday! What could possibly have happened in that time?


Those increasingly wonderful people at Cranachan have been in touch.
To make a medium story shorter – They want to meet me.

(breathe, Joe, breathe)

Suffice it to say, the Lamb household was bouncing last night (and the boys were this morning when they heard).

But still, to re-hash an old favourite of mine… I know it’s not a guarantee!
Nothing has been set in stone, or even agreed as yet. But the interest is there, at least.

Of course, that didn’t stop my optimism meter from bouncing in the red, when Anne from Cranachan described their reading of the book to have “convinced and captivated” them (as well as saying some very nice things about my writing)!

The fact that they are willing to come the 7 hour, 250+ mile trip (including a Ferry) to meet me, is also hinting at very good things.

Guys/Gals, this could be it… this could be it.

(Keep Repeating, “Wait and See!”)


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